Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Edesigns

Our ongoing Friday Spotlight features our members of TeamBPAL. Let's meet Erin of Edesigns!

Tell us a little about the items in your shop. What do you make?
The items in my shop are all pieces of handmade baby clothing. I'm using all reclaimed or re-purposed fabric to try and create clothing for kids that not only looks great on them, but keeps perfectly good fabric, that would otherwise wind up unused or in the dump, in circulation, and as something people want.

What is your creative process?
Well, honestly, having my own little one, my creative process is kind of along the lines of "obsess about what I want to make all day long until the boy goes down for a nap and then hurryhurryhurry to try and bang out as much of it as humanly possible before he wakes up! A lot of my inspiration comes directly from the fabrics as I assess what the best use of the available fabrics is (dish towels don't give you a lot of fabric to work with, so you really have to figure out how you want to arrange the pattern before you even THINK about cutting anything)

Which Etsy Teams do you belong to?
The BPAL team (of course), being an utter addict, this was my very first team! I've recently added a few others, including the "Lets Go Vintage" team and the "Do not Disturb" team...which I find somewhat concerningly apt, in that it is for people who "have tolerance for no make up, beds not made and no getting dressed until 5 minutes before your family gets home, because you were to busy creating to do any of the above any earlier in the day." ...they're not mentioning my bad habit of "forgetting" to sleep to finish up what I'm working on, but I'm going to go ahead and assume it fits into what they're talking about.

Green Owl Swing Dress

When you are not creating things, what do you do?
When I'm not creating I'm a stay at home mom and am chasing my little guy all over the place. I try to squeeze creativity in where ever I can, as well as sewing baby clothes I make a lot of my own clothing, knit, crochet, occasionally make jewelry, garden, sometimes paint and every once in a while do woodworking. I pretty much have creative OCD.

Tell us two random, interesting things about you.
Edesigns actually started out as a bridal wear company. I made, from the ground up, my own wedding dress and dresses for several other women (including my best friend). When my son (who g.c.b. is named for) was born, it occurred to me that baby+sticky, gooey fin'ners+white silk satin might just equal me tearing my hair out and crying in a corner. Aside from being addicted to creating, I also have a "problem" with reading. If I could figure out a way to sew/knit/crochet WHILE reading, I would be in seventh heaven. It's so bad that I've learned how to do a ridiculous number of things with my nose stuck in a book....including hula hooping.

What has been your proudest moment since opening your Etsy shop?
I've recently been featured on etsyLush, which is really exciting if for no other reason that it makes me feel a little more justified in running around in my yard hanging my clothes on random backdrops to get the "artsy" shot. I've absolutely loved the positive feedback I've gotten from people who have received my pieces too. It's a wonderful feeling to know I've made something that another parent can enjoy sharing with their child!

Blue Floral Cotton Baby Pants

What advice would you give to artists who are new to Etsy?
I'm not sure actually. I started my shop way back when Etsy was just starting out, but I let it lay fallow for a very, very long time because I could only make dresses for brides who were close enough for me to do fittings in experience, I'm very new myself!

What handmade possession do you cherish?
My mom knit me a beautiful cabled scarf in shades of red and I love wearing it all winter long.

If you could have any item on Etsy regardless of price, what would it be?
This fabulous, beat up looking briefcase/computer bag. I bet I could fit my purse stuff, baby G's necessaries AND a few books in that bad boy...and not have to worry about any of it getting roughed up when I have to drop it to make a mad dash after the kiddo.

What other skill or talent do you wish you could possess, if you had not taken this creative path?
Perhaps something more marketable? Michigan is a hard place to be creative!

Where else can we find you on the web?

That's all for this time! See you in two weeks. :)

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